Katy Perry Grateful COVID Gave Her Time to Enjoy Motherhood

Speaking about her new role as a mother to Daisy Dove, the 'American Idol' judge gushes in a new magazine interview that her baby girl is everything she was ever looking for.

AceShowbiz - Katy Perry is totally fulfilled by motherhood, insisting daughter Daisy Dove is "everything" she was seeking in life.

The star is on the cover of brand new title LuisaViaRoma's LVR Magazine and reveals becoming a new mum during the COVID pandemic gave her time to really "slow down" and enjoy every moment.

"I was grateful for the opportunity to be present," she shares. "I mean, I still would have been, but I would have had FOMO [fear of missing out] scratching at me just a hot bit. Not really, though. She [Daisy] is everything I was ever looking for."

Katy has been hanging out with her man Orlando Bloom on the set of "Carnival Row" in Prague, the Czech Republic, and loving family time with their tot, who turned one last week (August 26).

"We visit [Orlando] a lot," she adds, "and I love carrying her on me or going for walks all day with the stroller. She points at things and says 'da', to which I say, 'yes, that is a cat,' or 'that is a tree.' "

"She is adaptable and happy; her schedule fluctuates. In the beginning, I worried about a schedule, but decided I won't be that mom. All that matters is that everyone is happy."

When speaking about Daisy's love for music, Katy admitted that a Mommy & Me music class made her realize that her baby girl was more familiar with old soul tunes from Bill Withers and Stevie Wonder. She added, "I thought, 'OMG, she doesn’t [even] know new music!' "

Elsewhere in the interview, Katy talked about "Play", her upcoming Las Vegas residency at Resorts World. "I'm aiming for my audience to be the family - eight to 80 years old. I do everything with a wink," she gushed. "Even if it's a sexual connotation, it's subtle. It's not about the peacock."

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