A pair of boxer shorts that are going up for sale by Lelands Sports Memorabilia have a tag that says Michael Jordan and 'some loose threads evident at the seams.'

AceShowbiz - Now a fan of Michael Jordan can have his very rare and personal item. A pair of his "personally worn" boxer shorts are going under the hammer at Lelands with a starting bid of $500.

According to the description on the website, the undies show "definite use as this pair of underwear/compression shorts was worn by Michael Jordan with some loose threads evident at the seams." An auction insider additionally tells Page Six that the shorts were "regularly" worn by Jordan and show signs of "heavy use."

The item is claimed to have originated from a family member of the former NBA star's "Last Dance" security guard John Michael Wozniak. To prove it, the site points out "a dry cleaning tag inside with the last name 'Wozniak' as well as a tag that says Michael Jordan, with the iconic last name on the waistband."

The boxer shorts were reportedly given to Wozniak from MJ himself. The auctioneer boasts that the item is "about as close to greatness as one can get."

The unusual item, which is listed on the sports memorabilia and card auctions website under The John Michael Wozniak Collection category, has been on sale since August 22 and will end on September 25. It has been viewed 533 times, but only 1 bid was made as of press time.

The boxer shorts are part of a sale of Jordan's belongings that ended up in the hands of his one-time bodyguard. Other items in the sale include coats, suits, ties and golf clubs that were also given from the retired professional basketball player himself.

Wozniak previously sold items related to the NBA legend through the same auction house.

Wozniak was memorably seen beating Jordan in a game of coin-toss on ESPN's 10-part documentary series about the retired basketballer, "The Last Dance", and then he did the "MJ shrug." He died in January 2020 at 69 years old after a long battle with cancer, before the documentary aired.

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