Joe Jonas Left Vomiting After Dizzy Golf Challenge With Niall Horan on TV

The middle of the Jonas Brothers, still tipsy from his birthday celebration, is seen retching during a TV appearance with his siblings on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

AceShowbiz - Joe Jonas vomited during a game of golf with his brothers and Niall Horan on Tuesday night's (24Aug21) episode of "Jimmy Kimmel Live!".

The segment was filmed after Joe celebrated his 32nd birthday last week, meaning the singer was already feeling slightly fragile when he hit the golf course with his siblings and the former One Direction star - who was filling in for regular presenter Kimmel.

To make the golf more interesting, Niall told the brothers that they were all going to have to "handicap" themselves by picking a ball from the Wheel of Stupidity. Each ball had a challenge on it, and while Niall had to play while wearing a kilt and holding a set of bagpipes, Joe's dare saw him forced to hold a golf club on his forehead, spin round 10 times, and then play while dizzy.

"Still tipsy from last night. Joe has been celebrating his birthday weekend and a dizzy club could spell disaster," the announcer said during the clip.

In the end, the spinning was a bit too much for Joe, and he was seen throwing up in the sand behind the camera, before continuing to hit the ball from the exact spot he'd vomited in.

"Joe Jonas, quietly retching in the background. Joe's a veteran golfer. He knows to always do the sick in the sandbox. It's nature's litterbox," the announcer added.

Kevin's challenge was to play with his brothers setting off air horns as he did so, while Nick had to cover his club in lubricant, making it almost impossible to hold firmly.

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