Edgar Ramirez Begs Americans to Get Vaccinated After Losing Loved Ones to COVID-19

After the coronavirus took the life of his grandmother, aunt and uncle, the 'Jungle Cruise' actor stresses that getting a jab is 'an act of compassion' to 'protect those who are vulnerable.'

AceShowbiz - "Jungle Cruise" star Edgar Ramirez is urging fans to get vaccinated against COVID after revealing he has lost friends and loved ones to the virus.

The Venezuelan actor has taken to Instagram to reveal the coronavirus which killed his grandmother a month ago has claimed the lives of his Aunt Lucy and Uncle Guillermo, who collapsed and died on Sunday.

"In less than 24 hours, COVID had taken both of their lives," Edgar writes. "We had not yet collected my aunt's ashes when we were due to incinerate my uncle's body. Only this past weekend I lost 3 relatives to COVID-19."

Ramirez, who also lost his cousin Rafael on Monday, August 23, lamented, "None of them had been vaccinated. None had access to a vaccine in Venezuela, where they died."

"Meanwhile, in the United States a large number of people unfortunately are willing to snub the very vaccine my family would have taken in an instant, like millions of people around the world who just don't have access to one. No one who has access to a vaccine should be dying of COVID 19."

"I beg you to please read this post carefully. It is the most painful and the most intimate thing I have had to publish in my life, but I think it is important to share it."

He urged, "Don't do it for yourself. Do it to protect those who are vulnerable, those with immune deficiencies, and all others who can get very sick if infected... To get a vaccine is an act of compassion."

The actor shared a video of a conversation with Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Chief Medical Advisor to the President of the United States, about the importance of being vaccinated.

"It was a powerful conversation, full of vital information," he wrote. "I also hope this interview can serve as a starting point for a conversation with the people in your life who are hesitant about getting vaccinated. I respectfully invite you to just have the conversation."

"Lastly, I encourage you all to follow science and truthful information, and please, please, PLEASE... If you can, GET VACCINATED, so you can help save those around you."

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