Bebe Rexha Learns to Grow Tomatoes in Backyard From Father

Revealing that gardening is one of her favorite hobbies, the 'Meant To Be' hitmaker reveals that her Albanian father, who grew up on a farm in Macedonia, passed on his knowledge to her.

AceShowbiz - Bebe Rexha grows her own tomatoes after being taught how to by her dad. The "Meant To Be" singer has revealed that gardening is one of her favorite hobbies and she learned how to grow her own fruit and vegetables from her Albanian father who grew up on a farm in Macedonia.

She said, "I have a huge tomato garden in my backyard. My father grew up on a farm in Macedonia and taught me a little bit about gardening."

Bebe uses her own tomatoes in the meals that she cooks, and as she has a huge appetite for Italian food her plump red fruits prove to be an essential ingredient.

Speaking to Us Weekly magazine, she added, "I enjoy cooking Italian dishes. Penne alla vodka is my speciality."

But Bebe also has a sweet tooth and there is one desert that she is always hungry for. Revealing her baking talents, she spilled, "I love baking banana bread."

But the 31-year-old pop star won't let the pots and pans pile up in her kitchen, as she is obsessed with having a clean house and she will not tolerate dirt or mess in any of her rooms.

The "Say My Name" hitmaker shared, "I'm a neat freak. I like to have a clean home all the time. It makes me feel good."

When sharing more tidbits fans probably do not know about her, Bebe spilled that she did not get her driver's license until she was 29. She added, "I [took] public transportation everywhere." As for her other hobbies, she noted, "I love boxing and have started training a lot during the pandemic."

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