Bill Bellamy Claims Janet Jackson Booty Called Him During Their 'Crazy' Attraction

According to the former MTV presenter, the 'Rhythm Nation' hitmaker once called him late at night as they shared a 'crazy' romantic chemistry in the 1990s.

AceShowbiz - Actor/comedian Bill Bellamy claims he and Janet Jackson shared a "crazy" mutual attraction, although they never dated.

Bellamy, who was a popular MTV host back in the 1990s, interviewed Jackson multiple times on the cable music channel at the height of her pop superstardom, and it was clear to fans there was some flirting going on.

The star is credited with inventing the term "booty call," which means a late night phone call to a potential sex partner, first using it on 90s HBO show "Russell Simmons' Def Comedy Jam". And now he insists Jackson once made such a call to him.

"There was an attraction, I'll be honest with you," Bill tells People Magazine's People in the '90s podcast.

"There was something. There was something going on. It was weird because it was like she was shy about it but (showed in) her flirty ways that she dug me more than just a little. It was crazy."

"You have no idea how huge Janet Jackson was in this span of 10 years... I couldn't believe that she was a fan of me... Everybody used to be like, 'What's going on with Janet and Bill?' "

The "Fastlane" star adds, "She booty called me. We never dated. We just skirted around it. We were like cats that just purred around each other."

And he quips he should have trademarked the popular saying.

"I didn't realise the phrase would catch on... Booty Call was just a clever way to say you're trying to get a girl to come by. But who knew that everybody was going to lock in on it?"

"I probably right now would be on a spaceship if I trademarked it. I mean, I'd be out there with Elon Musk somewhere," he jokes, referring to the space exploits of billionaires like the Tesla and SpaceX boss, Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson.

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