Coi Leray Has Serious Message for 'Weird' Trolls Mocking Her Over Cereal Freestyle

The 'No More Parties' femcee, who is no stranger to getting backlash on social media, is irritated with the fact that people won't even let her have fun.

AceShowbiz - Coi Leray has had enough with online criticism. Having found herself being ridiculed on social media for beatboxing about cereal, the "No More Parties" femcee set aside time to send a serious message for her "weird" trolls.

On Sunday, August 1, the 24-year-old hip-hop star took to TikTok to let out a video of herself dropping her freestyle about cereal. After the clip was shared on Instagram by multiple gossip accounts, many users left some harsh comments on it.

One critic in particular replied, "This is Embarrassing..." Another added, "Damn she even suck at rapping about cereal." A third, on the other hand, believed that Leray was "pushing too hard."

The backlash continued with one noting, "It's sad cause she trynna play it off like a joke but she really rap like this and this is f**king terrible." Someone else chimed in, "instead of 'canceling DaBaby' y'all need to cancel her a**."

Having caught wind the rude comments, Leray put out a note on Twitter, "Y'all be so stuck on Birkin Bags and scamming n***as." She continued, "I can't even have fun and rap about cereal. Yall weird. Live a little. It's more to live than the same s**t you see everyday!!!"

Alongside the snap, the daughter of Benzino reminded that there's "so much more in life." She further told her haters, "Don't worry ima be the one to show y'all. Y'all understand sooner than later."

Leray, who is no stranger to being humiliated on social media platforms, apparently managed to stay unbothered with the hate she received because of her fans' outpouring support. Even after getting silent treatment while performing at the Rolling Loud Festival on July 24, the raptress thanked those who remained by her side, saying on Twitter, "I'm so loved by so many people it blocks out the hate."

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