Lil Nas X's Unfinished Debut Album 'Montero' Leaks Online

To be released later this year, a number of tracks from the Grammy-winning rapper's upcoming studio album have surfaced, revealing his collaborations with Sam Smith and Miley Cyrus.

AceShowbiz - Amid DaBaby's homophobic rant that somehow dragged Lil Nas X into the talks, fans of the latter are distracted with news of his new music. The "Old Town Road" hitmaker's debut album "Montero" has leaked online, though it's not ready to be released yet until later this year.

On Wednesday, July 28, a grand total of sixteen songs were leaked from Lil Nas X's "Montero" recording sessions. It's unclear how many of them have been cleared to make it to the album, but many of the leaked songs appear to be unfinished as they were labelled with the word "demo" next to them.

Among the tracks that have leaked online and could be expected to appear in the Grammy Award winner's first studio album are "Life After Salem", "Tales Of Dominica", "Anomaly", "Dolla Sign Slime", "Void", "You Can Awake", "One of Me", "Scoop" and "Lost in the Citadel" in addition to "MONTERO (Call Me by Your Name)" and "Industry Baby" ft. Jack Harlow. The leaks also unveiled Lil Nas X's collaborations with Sam Smith and Miley Cyrus on "Empathy" and "Am I Dreaming", respectively.

"Montero" is yet to have an exact release date, but Lil Nas X has hinted that the album will be available towards the end of the summer. Earlier this month, the 22-year-old said he is in no rush to drop the final album.

"I'm pretty much finished with the album," he told Zane Lowe on Apple Music's "New Music Daily". "But you know, secretly, as we were just talking about moments and whatnot, I pushed the album back from where I was originally going to drop it because of that fact that I want to give these singles some more time to breathe before I drop music videos for songs that already been out for a long time or whatnot."

He added, "But yeah, I'm really in a great space. I'm in a happy place. I'm in a super creative place. Really just going with the flow, making the best out of any situation that's thrown at me right now."

List of Leaked Tracks From Lil Nas X's Album "Montero":

  1. "Dead! Right Now"
  2. "Industry Baby" (Feat. Jack Harlow)
  3. "Life After Salem"
  4. "What I Want"
  5. "Tales of Dominica"
  6. "Empathy" (Feat. Sam Smith)
  7. "Anomaly"
  8. "Dolla Sign Slime"
  9. "Void"
  10. "You Can Awake"
  11. "Montero (Call Me By Your Name) "
  12. "Scoop"
  13. "One of Me"
  14. "Lost in the Citadel"
  15. "Sun Goes Down"
  16. "Am I Dreaming" (Feat. Miley Cyrus)

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