Robyn Dixon's Beau Juan Is 'Tired' of Her Making 'Excuses'

Meanwhile, the Bravo star reveals that COVID-19 pandemic negatively impacts her state of mind, saying, 'I didn't expect this pandemic to still be going on and I've been burned out.'

AceShowbiz - Robyn Dixon and her beau Juan Dixon had a rather intense moment in a new episode of "The Real Housewives of Potomac". In the Sunday, July 25 episode of the Bravo reality show, Juan was demanding the TV star changes to "be better" as they talked about her new sleeping habit.

In the episode, Robyn was seen struggling to get out of bed to wake up her and Juan's two sons, Corey (13) and Carter (11), for school. Shortly after she helped Corey settle for his online courses, the TV star went back to her bedroom to catch some more sleep.

Looking at that, Juan was not happy. "You're not awake? We talked about this, Rob," he told her. Still, Robyn told Juan that she wanted to go back to sleep and it was when Juan snapped at her. "Yo, Robyn, you're tripping. So, his class is at 9:10? And you're going to wake up at 9:07? Robyn, you’ve got to get out of the bed. Go do something."

"It's the pandemic! I just feel like everything just got all out of whack," Robyn defended her habit of sleeping in late that she formed amid the pandemic. Juan, however, begged to differ, telling her, "You always make excuses. I'm tired of it. Be better, please."

In a confessional, Robyn shared that the COVID-19 pandemic negatively impacted her state of mind. "I didn't expect this pandemic to still be going on and I've been burned out. It's nonstop. It's homework, it's dinner, it's basketball practice," she told the camera. "I lost all of my motivation and it's really hard to change."

The argument arrives as Robyn and Juan were forced to postpone their second wedding. "The pandemic definitely shifted our focus to the house," she revealed to Page Six earlier this month. "I was very respectful of the pandemic. Like, I pretty much didn't leave my house for, like, that first three months."

"And so, wedding planning for me was just not really, like, an option," she added. "And then once we started building the house, all of my focus and resources went in that direction. So unfortunately we do not have a date yet." She continued, "Juan and I have been married before, we have kids, so it's not as urgent for us as it is for other people who want to, like, get their family life started."

Robyn and the basketball coach got married in July 2005 before getting divorced in March 2012. They eventually got back together as they continued to live together despite the split.

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