Erika Jayne Reveals How She Found Evidence of Tom Girardi's Years-Long Infidelity

The 'Dancing with the Stars' alum further shares that former 'RHOBH' co-star Yolanda Hadid's divorce from David Foster makes her watch her estranged husband more closely.

AceShowbiz - Erika Jayne addressed how she found out about Tom Girardi's infidelity years before their divorce. "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star revealed to her co-stars in the Wednesday, July 21 episode of the show that she learned about Tom being unfaithful to her in 2018.

"I was just assuming he was with some other woman," Erika shared after saying that she realized he had another woman after his car accident in 2018. "Any of them. You can take a pick. You guys have no idea what I've been living through, no idea what I've been through. This is my life."

Kyle Richards then asked, "So you're with an 81-year-old man and he's cheating on you?" To that question, Erika answered, "Yeah, isn't that some s**t?"

Erika further shared that former co-star Yolanda Hadid's divorce from David Foster made her watch Tom more closely. "I never had gone through my husband's phone, I never touched his papers, I never touched anything," she explained. "And after Yolanda divorced David, I just opened that phone and I was like, 'Wow, OK.' "

Erika revealed that she found "the evidence. It's was text messages, it was pictures. I felt like it was years-long. Well, I know it was." She also claimed that Tom didn't even deny his infidelity.

The "Dancing with the Stars" alum filed for divorce from Tom in November 2020. A month later, Tom was forced into involuntary bankruptcy. The pair were also accused of embezzling settlement money that was supposed to go to the family members of the victims in the Lion Air Flight 610 crash back in October 2018.

Erika said in a previous episode of "RHOBH" that the divorce was "very painful and then having it called a sham is even more painful." The Bravo personality added, "It took a lot of courage to leave and it took two seconds for some a**hole to say it was a sham and for everybody to believe it."

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