Porn Star Dahlia Sky Found Dead in Her Car at the Age of 31

Back in March, Dahlia, who had been working in the adult film industry since 2010, shared with her fans on her Twitter account that she had stage 4 of breast cancer.

AceShowbiz - Porn star Dahlia Sky has passed away. The adult film star was found dead in her car in Los Angeles two weeks ago with local authorities ruling her death as a "potential suicide." She was 31.

LAPD detective Dave Peteque explained to AVN that Dahlia was discovered on June 30 in the Devonshire area of the San Fernando Valley. According to Peteque, "There's no evidence at this time that there's any foul play."

As of now, the autopsy results from the L.A. County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner have yet to be relaeased.

Following her passing, Hans, owner of JHP Films that co-produced her 2020 film "Always Dahlia Sky", shared, "During her last year I spoke to her several times about life. It was not an easy ride for her." Hans continued, "This will take a long time to get over, if it's even possible. Dahlia Sky, you beautiful soul, you funny, complicated and warm-hearted friend! I am going to miss you so much."

Back in March, Dahlia shared on her Twitter account that she had stage 4 of breast cancer. "I love @webmasterjoe because he understood how difficult going through cancer is," so she tweeted at the time. "I posted on IG that I have stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. He was so kind and invited me to stay at his house. I am battling this cancer every day and he has been nothing but supportive."

Fans quickly sent supportive messages for her as one wrote, "I am so sorry to hear about your cancer. I will send prayers to you. You are a fighter and I believe that you will beat it for sure Dahlia." Another fan added, "May all the blessings you need to enjoy this life always be within your reach. I pray you get well soon. You make my soul happy."

Dahlia started working in the adult film industry in 2010. She originally went by the name Bailey Blue, but changed it in 2014 after she received a cease and desist from a clothing company that trademarked the name.

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