DaBaby Says He Wants to Teach Lesson About Greed to Boys Selling $200 Candy After Refusing to Buy It

The 'Masterpiece' rapper, who only bought two bags of candy instead of the whole boxes, sparks backlash for his treatment to the kids because people feel $200 wouldn't have been a thing for him.

AceShowbiz - DaBaby is setting the record straight. Having come under fire for shutting down two boys trying to sell two boxes of candy for $200, the "Masterpiece" rapper clarified that he only wanted to teach them lessons about greed.

The 29-year-old offered his clarification when sitting down with Complex News. "Anytime I buy something from somebody else in there I buy the whole thing. Especially when it's kids. I give them the opportunity, just make it make sense why you want $200 for this. You tell me, 'Man, I usually charge somebody this for the whole box. I'm just gon' charge you $2 all the way down.' I'da looked at him, gave him a thousand dollars," he explained.

DaBaby went on to make it clear that he respected the kids' effort. "I ain't cuss 'em out and this and that," the emcee claimed. "I gave them knowledge and bought one piece of candy from each of them and closed the door."

The "Rockstar" hitmaker's run-in with the two kids took place in New York City on June 12. In footage shared on his Instagram Story, he could be seen asking one of the kids, "How much for the whole box?" The teenager then replied "$200" despite each unit being only $2 per piece. The other boy, who held a box of Gushers, also gave him the same answer.

DaBaby couldn't help but laugh upon hearing the answer. "These n***as," he said in disbelief. "You made $400 off that and you selling them for $2? Let's count 'em. What's 34 times two? It ain't $200. It ain't even $100 [laughs]. That's $68."

DaBaby then ended up buying a couple bags of candy for $4 only. "You gotta use your head, man," the hip-hop star told the kids before hopping back into his van. "I was gon' bless you anyway. You woulda got the $200, now you got $2. Y'all be good, love."

While some fans praised DaBaby for his action, some of them were not pleased with it. One in particular argued, "F**k that n***a hell the outcome was gon be the same regardless he wasn't gon give them kids s**t…y'all taking bout a lesson when most of y'all know he's an A**hole I don't give a f**k who he is mf just plain old rude always have been."

Another complained, "These some young black kings!! He wrong for that s**t...Didn't have to do them like that!! Damn shame." A third suggested, "Pay the kids bro, you spend racks on strippers in the club lol.

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