Aubrey O'Day on Leaving U.S. for New Life: I Have No Idea What Will Come Next

Having been eager to start a whole new life in a different country for years, the former Danity Kane star reveals that she has finally took the plunge and jetted off to a mystery destination.

AceShowbiz - Singer Aubrey O'Day has embarked on a new adventure after finally realizing her dream of leaving her native U.S. and moving abroad.

The former Danity Kane star has been eager to start a whole new life in a different country for years, and on Saturday, July 10, she finally took the plunge and jetted off to her new destination.

"For those of you who are friends, or have spent enough time on my Twitter over the years to get into my mind, you know I've been wanting to move out of the country for a while now, so.. I have!" she posted on Instagram. "I sold my place in America and just boarded my flight to a new life."

O'Day admitted she was nervous about the big changes ahead, but she was excited for a new environment.

"I've been so anxious, scared, emotionally raw, I have no idea what will come next.., which completely exacerbates the control freak in me," she continued, "however.. life just got too predictable and uninspiring for me."

The singer went on to reveal she has long wanted to join the Peace Corps volunteer program to make real change around the world, and suggests she is taking the opportunity to try a new career path.

"I promised myself that I would take a stand and implement change for the injustices I witnessed all over the world, and I just knew I would use my voice to make an impact!" O'Day wrote.

"Now that said.. I've definitely lived every last thing on my many bucket lists growing up, and my unrestrained perspectives definitely make an impact (whether it be the one intended/deserved or not), but I need a more profound purpose at this stage of my life than what I've learned so far."

The singer concluded her lengthy post by encouraging others thinking of doing something similar to "just jump and the net will appear."

She didn't share her final destination, but indicated she was making a stop in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and on Monday, she shared a shot of the clouds from her window seat on the plane, and captioned it, "been flying for two days now."

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