Erica Mena Dragged After Being Caught Having Cyn Santana Hate Account

A fan accuses the TV star of being the owner of an Instagram page which goes under the name gunner2582 that is later changed to legendbrians, a page that is now dedicated for her newborn son.

AceShowbiz - Erica Mena continues to make headlines with drama surrounding herself. This time, however, is not related to her estranged husband Safaree Samuels, whom she has been blasting online amid their divorce. The "Love & Hip Hop: New York" star was slammed after it was reported that she had a hate account for Cyn Santana.

A fan accused Erica of being the owner of an Instagram page which goes under the name gunner2582 that was later changed to legendbrians. After some digging, the account apparently left a bunch of hate comments toward Erica's ex Cyn.

One of the comments that the account left read, "You must really be stuck on s**t to even think that Erica needs Cyn for a headline. Cyn can't make a headline unless she dating someone. Not even her so called music made headline." While arguing with another user, the account also claimed that "Cyn loves to tell" lies.

She also added, "You could say Erica's drama ( Real reality TV stars know drama brings viewers) but Erica is what made Cyn even known. No one would know cyn without Erica. Cyn wasn't charting as long as you mentioned and you know this."

The speculations arose after Erica Mena posted a photo of her son to her story and tagging the said page, which has since been turned to be his newborn son's page. Internet users quickly reacted to the speculations with one writing, "I been thinking about this Erica mena fake page thing for 2 hours. People are fr crazy you really can't just sit around everybody."

"Damn Erica Mena got caught leaving hate comments by forgetting and making her fake page, her sons page," someone else commented. "Not Erica mena harassing cyn from a fake page then renaming that page for her newborn," another person echoed the sentiment.

Another critic added, "Erica Mena was leaving hateful comments under a fake page on Cyns profile for mad long? Sounds wildly familiar." One comment, meanwhile, read, "This is too embarrassing I can't."

Neither Cyn nor Erica has responded to the speculations.

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