'The Bachelorette' Recap: Katie Thurston Have Double Date, One Calculated Man Is Eliminated

In the Monday, July 12 episode, Katie also invites 'RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars' winners Shea Coulee and Monet X Change to help her 'find her king in a group date debate.'

AceShowbiz - Katie Thurston star spent more time getting to know her suitors in a new episode of "The Bachelorette". In the Monday, July 12 episode, Katie invited "RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars" winners Shea Coulee and Monet X Change to help her "find her king in a group date debate." The episode also featured a double date as Kaitlyn Bristown brought her now-fiance Jason Tartick.

Kicking off the episode was Katie thanking co-host Tayshia Adams for introducing her to Blake. She also told Tayshia and Kaitlyn that she felt like she had a solid group of men. Katie and Justin then enjoyed their one-on-one date as they met Franco, the official photographer for "The Bachelorette". For the date, the pair would be doing a mock wedding photo shoot and they had to write their vows first.

Katie then appeared looking stunning in a beautiful wedding dress, making Justin speechless. After saying their vows, they shared a kiss. During the night portion, they opened up about their lives with Katie telling Justin that she found out that his father wasn't her biological father before he passed away. As for Justin, he told her that he was amazed by her strength. Katie then presented the rose to Justin.

As for the group date, it was for Blake, Andrew, Michael A., Greg, Aaron, Mike P., Brendan, James, Tre and Hunter. Meanwhile, Connor B. was so excited as he got a one-on-one date with Katie later.

Monet and Shea joined them for the group date and they assisted Katie to figure out who is there for her as the men competed in the great royal debate where they tried to prove why they deserve to be with Katie. Hunter said he's falling in love with Katie and that caused a firestorm among the men.

It was then time for the after-party where she thanked everyone for being truthful with what they shared. Katie then had a talk with Greg, who told her that he's falling for her. Katie also spent some time with Blake and at one point, they kissed.

Later in the episode, James and some other men warned Katie about Hunter, whom they called calculated. Katie didn't waste time to confront Hunter about the matter, but he told her that he didn't know what else to say to defend himself and just said that he was really there for her. The answer didn't make Katie happy and she asked him to give her a minute to have some time alone. Because she felt upset, Katie decided to call it a night without handing out a rose.

The next day, Katie and Connor had a double date with Kaitlyn and Jason. They played a lot of games and Jason really liked Connor as he thought that the guy was so genuine and down to earth. Both Katie and Connor enjoyed the fun date and they sealed the day with a kiss.

Things got emotional when Katie went to Connor's room crying. She told him that while she knew that Connor's a great guy, she felt like something was missing when they kissed. Connor went home tearfully that night. Blake then paid a surprise visit to Katie's room.

At the cocktail party, Katie revealed to the men that sending Connor home was hard. She then said that she decided to skip the cocktail party and headed directly to the Rose Ceremony where she would give out six roses. The roses went to Blake, Andrew, Greg, Michael A., Mike P., and the final rose went to Brendan.

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