Erica Mena Slams Kaylin Garcia for Allegedly Hooking Up With Safaree Samuels

Meanwhile, the drama further escalates as it also involves Erica's friend and Bobby Lytes as it is said that Erica's friends beat up Kaylin and Bobby, though Bobby denied.

AceShowbiz - The drama between Erica Mena and estranged husband Safaree Samuels only growns uglier. Erica, who filed for divorce from Safaree earlier this year, accused him of having an affair with Joe Budden's ex-girlfriend Kaylin Garcia.

"@Kaylin_Garcia real talk I bean in the shoes of dealing with a man who lived a double life and I had no clue he was married. But you! Know Safaree is married. Who don't know that. Not to mention he real friends with Joe Budden your ex," the "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" star wrote. "Safaree just had a baby who he hasn't seen in 4 days that's in the NICU. That's also no secret."

She went on to say, "I'm blasting both of you since he told you to lay low tonight - clearly who both know I found out y'all been f***ing all weekend. My son not even a week old yet and he dicking you down. I hope this is something you proud of shorty. This man lost his whole family officially. I wish you both the best."

In another post, Erica asked, "We have a son who was just born and still isn't home yet. Did he tell you that when he was telling you to lay low tonight?"

In response to the accusation, Kaylin wrote, "For years I have been to myself. No blogs. No drama. I am a women who is about accountability and morals. The fact that I have been called out for absolutely nothing, to me is insane. Me and Safaree are friends and nothing more. Thanks! Everyone stay blessed. And let's continue to spread love and light!"

Meanwhile, the drama further escalated as it also involved Erica's friend and Bobby Lytes. It was said that Erica's friends beat up Kaylin and Bobby, though Bobby denied. "There's a difference between getting in a fight and being attacked by an irate individual. That's where the discrepancy comes in to play. Yes I can press charges for your assault, however your claim of us 'fighting' is false. I do NOT fight females. Get it together! #Facts."

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