Rumer Willis Flaunts Stunning Figure in Swimsuit After Being Called 'Too Skinny'

After telling the social media trolls who are 'extremely body shaming' her to have 'a private conversation' with her, 'The House Bunny' actress turns heads with her sexy full-body shot in a new photo.

AceShowbiz - Rumer Willis apparently isn't going to let some bullies on social media ruin her confidence. Days after being called "too skinny" by internet trolls, the "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" actress showed off her stunning figure in a swimsuit in her new photo.

On Sunday, July 4, the daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis turned heads with a snap of her wearing a black thong bathing suit on her Instagram account. In the sexy full-body picture, the 32-year-old beauty was standing next to a pool and looking over her shoulder with her hands on her head and her backside facing the camera. "Mom's Red Bull always trying to steal my thunder...," she joked in the caption.

In the comment section, many of her fans shared their thoughts on her bikini body. One fan remarked, "Nothing can steal anything from you especially not Red Bull, everything is just trying to be a part of your thunder!" while another wrote, "Perfect shape." A separate Instagram user gushed over her appearance, "You look so beautiful and amazing woman."

Her vacation photo came just four days after Rumer fired back at haters who said she was "too skinny." The actress, who appeared in "The House Bunny", said that a "weird angle" made her look "smaller" than she normally does. "It was a weird angle that even made me feel like I looked smaller than I do in real life," she insisted.

Firing back at the critics, she reminded, "Even though you may think it's your job or even your right to leave your unfiltered thoughts or judgements about my body for me and others to read…it's not," she pointed out at the time. She also advised the social media critics who were "extremely body shaming" her to have "a private conversation" with her.

"I know I don't need to do this but in an effort to spread some awareness and shed some light on body shaming tactics I felt the need to share," she wrote. "If you were actually concerned for my health and welfare or anyone you think may be actually struggling send them a dm and have a private conversation."

Rumer also stressed that the critics should "really ask how they are doing and if they would like support instead of posting inflammatory public comments." She stated, "Body shaming of any kind is something I will not stand for."

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