Chet Hanks Gives Torrei Hart a Kiss on the Cheek at July 4th Party

After the ex-wife of Kevin Hart shares a video of her linking up with the son of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, some of her Instagram followers suggest that they 'look good together.'

AceShowbiz - Chet Hanks has shown his friendly gesture when linking up with Torrei Hart. While coming across the ex-wife of Kevin Hart at a Fourth of July party, the son of actors Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson planted a sweet kiss on her cheek.

Documenting the pair's meeting was the 43-year-old actress. In a clip shared on her Instagram account on Sunday, she could be heard saying, "Hey y'all it's officially a 'White Boy Summer'," referring to the 30-year-old's song.

Chet then asked Torrei, "What's up Torrei?" to which she replied with the same question. She then pressed, "Everything's good with the music?" After he nodded his head, she said, "Alright, I want you to keep going, don't stop, that's for sure. Love you, Chet."

In response, the former "Empire" star was quick to kiss her on the cheek and smiled widely at the camera. For the caption of the clip, she wrote, "Juneteenth part 2 W/ @chethanks."

Some of Torrei's fans went wild upon seeing the footage. One in particular raved, "U 2 look good together. Love it. Kiss her again Chet." Another sent similar sentiment, "Y'all cute together." A third chimed in, "yesss!!! some chemistry there!"

The post came just days after Chet's ex-girlfriend Kiana Parker divulged that he was cut off financially by his parents. "Our relationship was OK, but he wasn't OK," she first revealed when speaking to Radar. "He wasn't treating me bad, he was just dealing with his mom and dad cutting him off because he started drinking and smoking weed again, and that wasn't in their rule book to support him. So they cut him off."

"His apartment was up, his roommate was moving and he didn't have anywhere to go," Kiana continued sharing. "[I helped him find an apartment] to be there when nobody was. He would have bad days when he would get texts from his parents and fight so many demons and so many issues."

"He's been - he's still to this day, I don't care what anyone says, I know him - he's fighting a lot of childhood demons. A lot," she further claimed. "That's the main problem with him is his parents. It's not perfect like the world thinks. So he's dealing with that and was dealing with trying to stay sober with no drinking, but he's back doing that."

Kiana and Chet have been in a legal battle against each other. She has slapped him with a $1 million lawsuit for allegedly physically and verbally abusing her while they were dating. The actor/musician, meanwhile, has sued her for assault and battery and theft, which she has denied.

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