Chet Hanks and former girlfriend Kiana Parker have accused each other of assault and hired lawyers to handle the case following an altercation after they bitterly broke up.

AceShowbiz - Tom Hanks' rapper son Chet has become embroiled in a nasty legal battle with his ex-girlfriend amid allegations of domestic violence.

Chet Hanks is suing Kiana Parker, claiming he was left bloodied after she attacked him at his Sugarland, Texas home on 8 January (21), when she reportedly flew into a rage as the star broke off their relationship and accused her of stealing money and property from him.

He documented the incident in a video obtained by TMZ, in which Parker is caught on camera swinging a pot at him as Chet appears to have taken a hit to the head. He also accuses her of charging at him with a knife.

He is taking her to court for assault and battery and theft, and is seeking the return of the thousands of dollars she allegedly racked up on his credit cards.

Parker has refuted Chet's accusations and insists she was the victim in the altercation, which occurred after she arrived at the property with movers to collect her belongings.

She claims her ex was the antagoniser and waved a knife in her direction, prompting Parker to grab the pot and lash out in self defence before running for the exit. She headed to the street, where Chet is said to have caught up with her and attacked her in public, before onlookers stepped in to help her.

Parker obtained a temporary restraining order against Chet in the aftermath of the clash although her attorney, D'Angelo Lowe, tells TMZ their attempts to make the protection permanent have so far proved fruitless as they have been unable to properly serve him with the paperwork.

Parker has also accused Chet, whose mother is Rita Wilson, of beating her up on multiple occasions between October (20) and January (21).

As for Chet's side of the story, he has recruited top celebrity attorney Marty Singer to fight his case and disprove Parker's claims.

"The day after Chet Hanks confronted Kiana Parker about stealing money from his credit card, while Ms. Parker was accompanied by a huge male carrying a gun, she viciously attacked Chet with a knife, which caused him to profusely bleed," Singer declares in a statement.

"It is all on video and the undisputed video tells the whole story. Her claims are completely false, fabricated and fictional."

The case continues.

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