Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello Exchange Sweet Tributes on Second Anniversary

While the 'In My Blood' hitmaker unleashes a sizzling snap of them locking lips on a beach, his 'Senorita' collaborator shares a series of vacation photos of her with her man.

AceShowbiz - Pop stars Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello have celebrated their second anniversary by exchanging touching tributes online while enjoying a romantic vacation in the Caribbean.

The "In My Blood" hitmaker and the former Fifth Harmony star began dating in 2019 after working on the song "Senorita", and they each took to Instagram on Saturday, July 3 to mark the milestone.

Shawn shared a sizzling snap of the pair locking lips on a beach and captioned the picture, "Happy 2 years my baby."

Meanwhile, Camila referred to her beau by his pet name, Kuko, as she posted a series of vacation shots with her man.

"happy anniversary Kuko," she wrote. "here's to more joy, more friendship, and more love [sic]".

The sweet celebrations occurred days after Shawn admitted he was forced to confront his dark side after losing his temper at the "Havana" singer during an argument.

He said, "I raised my voice at her and she was like, 'I don't like it when you raise your voice. Why did you raise your voice?' And I got so defensive. I was like, 'I wasn't raising my voice at you!' And I did raise my voice at her. And I felt her shrink and I felt me grow and I was like, 'Oh god, this is the worst.' I'm so terrified of being evil. I'm so scared to be bad."

Shawn's fear prompted him to sit down with Camila so they could both talk through the confrontation and move forward.

He continued, "Maybe there even is bad inside of me, and I have to just accept that that exists. And that other part of me, he's just got to be here and we've just got to work together until eventually he gets worked in all of the trauma, and all of the kinks get rubbed out of him and he's OK. But I can't avoid the fact that there's a little bit of darkness inside of me and letting that darkness kind of be present is a horrible feeling."

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