The 'Get Carter' actor is set to host a new podcast series that will tell the real-life stories of infamous criminals around the world including The Krays and John Gotti.

AceShowbiz - Michael Caine will host a new podcast series about famous gangsters, including The Krays and John Gotti.

The two-time Oscar winner's Audible Original series is called "Michael Caine: Gangs".

"In this new podcast series, I uncover the remarkable real-life stories from gangs across the globe, including my personal experience in 1960s London," the "Get Carter" star said.

Michael will begin with the infamous Kray brothers of London's East End, with whom he crossed paths in the '60s.

"I met the (Kray twins) in a discotheque. They came in there and everyone went quiet. I met them three or four times, but I tried very hard not to become a close friend. They were very scary," he related.

The British veteran explained, "I knew enough gangsters. I just wanted to be a simple actor and not hit anyone or slash anyone with a razor."

The Krays inspired two movies, the 1990 film starring Martin and Gary Kemp of Spandau Ballet, and the 2015 biopic "Legend", with Tom Hardy playing both twins.

Throughout the six-part podcast, Michael will reveal the hidden realities behind the myths that surround famous gangsters. Upcoming episodes will focus on Colombian Black Widow Griselda Blanco and American Western outlaw Jesse James.

"Throughout Gangs, we determine whether the truth is stranger than fiction with these famous cases in history, as well as the present day realities of gang life," he added.

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