Killing Joke Announces Dates for First U.K. Tour in Over Three Years

A month after being involved in a boating accident that nearly took his life, the band's frontman Jaz Coleman offers updates and details of the 'Honour the Fire' tour, which will begin in Cardiff, Wales.

AceShowbiz - Killing Joke frontman Jaz Coleman has given fans the ultimate assurance he'll be fine after a recent near-death boating accident - he has announced dates for the band's first U.K. tour in over three years.

The "Honour The Fire" Tour will begin in Cardiff, Wales in March (2022) and offering up dates and details this week (ends June 25), Coleman says, "The fire is that which brings us all together. And after this dreadful pandemic this tour will be like no other. One great mosh pit!"

Bandmate Youth adds, "The fire in our hearts that has sustained and protected us for over 40 years, never goes out. It is our privilege to 'Honour The Fire' and celebrate the white heat purification by sound. Join with us in a fearless leap through the sacred flames, into the unknown... let’s create the future we all desire, by sonically destroying the one we don't."

The news comes a month after Coleman was given a 50/50 chance of survival following the boat accident.

Video of the incident showed the "Love Like Blood" singer losing his footing on a fishing vessel and falling backwards into the ocean.

Fans were told he was in serious condition in the hospital and Coleman's publicist asked for their prayers.

Jaz has since assured fans he's OK, writing on Facebook, "So there I was, fishing on a perfect day, hooked a good one as you can see, when I went backwards over the boat. Down I went looking at the sunlight..."

"I have only just recovered consciousness. Two nights ago they told my wife I had a 50/50 chance of making it. I am being connected up again, so I have to go. I am well, and I still need your prayers."

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