Quando Rondo Claims People Are 'Terrified' to Book Him on Shows In Wake of King Von's Death

The 'I Remember' rapper, who is a close friend to Von's suspected shooter Timothy 'Lul Tim' Leeks, also confirms that Georgia's mayor indeed canceled one of his shows in November 2020.

AceShowbiz - Quando Rondo's connection to the death of King Von has affected his career. Around eight months after the latter was fatally shot outside an Atlanta bar, the "I Remember" rapper claimed that people are "terrified" to book him on shows because of his alleged involvement.

The 22-year-old made the confession in an interview with ALL AROUND TV. "Nobody wanna book me 'cause they terrified," he argued. "That's the truth. Big bruh, man, so many people callin' like, man, big bruh. I wish the fans let that s**t go, like, big bruh. The longer y'all talk about it...why is y'all hyping this s**t up?"

Asked whether rumors about Georgia's mayor canceling one of his shows in November 2020 were true, Rondo insisted, "Big bruh, I put this on my daughter's life. The mayor canceled my show, big bruh. On my daughter's life." He further stressed, "Facts. No cap, big bruh. If I'm lying, my daughter die... I ain't canceling no show, big bruh."

The show in question was allegedly canceled by the Mayor of Georgia and the police department after rumors spread that Lil Durk, who was close to Von, might have shown up with his crew. "The mayor and police squad of macon ga canceled the show tonight," Rondo told his fans at that time. "S**t got me highly pissed off !! I couldn't Wait To Rocc Out Literally."

In a separate interview with ALL AROUND TV which was posted three weeks ago, Rondo addressed the death threats he received from his rival's fans. "Death threat all you want to, bro, f**k that s**t, that's just some words, my n***a. Go do an action," he challenged.

Rondo, whose real name is Tyquian Terrel Bowman, further noted that whatever happens, he will always be with his young daughter. "I'm going home to my daughter and if I didn't, God called me," he pointed out. "But I'm going home to my daughter."

Rondo has been attacked by Von's devotees since the latter died on November 6. His affiliate Timm was then arrested and booked into Fulton County Jail after he became a suspect of Von's killer. He was released in March this year after posting a $100,000 bond.

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