NSFW Video of Adrien Broner Engaging in Sexual Act With Alleged Side Chick Leaks Online

The professional boxer is accused of cheating on his girlfriend Arie Nicole after his sex tape surfaces showing him performing oral sex on a woman in the backseat of a car.

AceShowbiz - Adrien Broner is the latest celebrity who has been caught in sex tape scandal. The professional boxer has been exposed a big time after an NSFW video showing him engaging in a sexual act with a woman who is not his girlfriend Arie Nicole leaked online.

In the X-rated clip, the 31-year-old is seen performing an oral on an unidentified woman in the backseat of a car. Gossip of the City, which posted the video on its Twitter account, also obtained another video which was allegedly taken by Adrien's other side chick, showing him sleeping completely naked while being filmed by his sexual partner.

The leaked sex tape has since led to allegations that Adrien has been cheating on his girlfriend Arie. However, Arie has distanced herself from the athlete when responding to a tweet about his NSFW video. "That's not my n***a haven't been my n***a in a very long time.. i can careless wtf he doing. Move around off me," she tweeted.

Adrien himself has addressed cheating allegations on his Instagram Stories, claiming that he is currently single. "One thing about me I'm single and living with no regrets," so he wrote, insisting, "I ain't cheated on nobody."

Some Twitter users have apparently been keeping up with Adrien's love life and clarified GOTC's story. "She's not with him. She's clearly said this many times," the said user commented on the tweet about the sex tape. "They co-parent very well and are cool with each other Face with rolling eyesFace with rolling eyesFace with rolling eyes. If you follow her you'll know she gives zero about what he does."

Meanwhile, another user named Jenae Baros claimed that she's the woman in the video with Adrien and that she is his girlfriend. "Lmfaooo THATS ME AND IM HIS GIRLFRIEND," the woman responded to the viral video.

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