Adrien Broner Makes Fans Worried With Cryptic Post: 'I Need Help'

Right after announcing his retirement, the 30-year-old professional boxer admits to needing help 'from somebody smh I am not focused at all on boxing right now.'

AceShowbiz - Being in the ring has apparently brought so much stress for Adrien Broner that he feels the need to let his feelings known. But that made a lot of his fans worried about his well-being when he shared on Instagram Stories on Wednesday, August 7 a series of cryptic posts.

Before that, he announced on his account that he would be retiring from boxing while hinting that his mental health had been badly affected by the sport. "Boxing is a lonely sport I'm done with this s**t give me a brick and let me turn it into 8 with some phyt," he said.

Later on, he shared more posts on the social media site. One of them read, "I finally can experience what it feel like to Smoke weed Snort a line Shoot herion (sic) Taste acid I been pheening (sic) to get that high." Adrien went on admitting to needing help "from somebody smh I am not focused at all on boxing right now I feel like f**k boxing and f**k everybody."

Not stopping there, he simply added in a separate post, "F**ked up."

His posts prompted fans to be worried over his mental health. "This isn't A laughing matter at all. Hope he have the right support system," a user said. Meanwhile, someone hoped that his "celebrity friends surround him with love and support. He clearly needs it." Some others urged those who know the athlete to go check on him, while one person said, "Pray for this man, let's not bash him in a time of need and support. We [wouldn't] all want that for our loved ones!"

It should be noted that this is the second time Adrien announced his retirement. The first time he did that was in June 2018, two months after his controversial draw against former 147-pound titleholder Jessie Vargas.

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