Kaley Cuoco Admits 'Manic' Episode on 'The Flight Attendant' Sent Her to Crazy Places in Her Mind

While the Cassie Bowden depicter recounts what she needed to do for the filming of the 'After Dark' episode, showrunner Steve Yockey spills how COVID-19 put production on a halt.

AceShowbiz - Kaley Cuoco "went to crazy places in my mind emotionally" while filming "The Flight Attendant".

The actress stars as Cassie Bowden on the Sky series, a flight attendant who wakes up next to a murdered man in bed with no memory of what happened.

Arguably the most critically-acclaimed episode of the program is "After Dark", where Cassie hits rock bottom and wakes up in jail after yet another alcohol binge. And filming the episode took its toll on Kaley.

"This was like on crack; this was on another level," she told Gold Derby. "It was such an out-there episode and so much was happening that I really went with it and I remember telling [the director], 'I'm going to in so many different directions. If it's too much, we'll bring it back' and it never really was."

"I went to crazy places in my mind emotionally and everyone let me do those things and scream and cry and be quiet and there were moments where there's no dialogue and I don't know, it ended up working really well, but it was a manic episode and I let myself get to set and let it all happen around me."

Showrunner Steve Yockey added that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, production on that particular episode halted three days in, before resuming six months later. "This episode, we had to stop production three days into it because of COVID and then, six months later come back and pick it up in the middle of one of the darkest, most emotional and wacky episodes," he recounted.

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