Model Duckie Thot Fed Up With 'Black Kendall Jenner' Label

The former 'Australia's Next Top Model' contestant doesn't appreciate it when a fan compliments her with a comparison to the 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star.

AceShowbiz - Many would love to have Kendall Jenner's physical features, but Duckie Thot chose to be seen as just herself. The model has been hailed as the "black Kendall Jenner" due to her beautiful appearances and similarities to the reality TV star, but the Aussie native is apparently fed up with the label.

A fan brought up the comparison when the 25-year-old beauty posted a new clip promoting her appearance in the upcoming season 3 finale of BBC's "Glow Up". She also shared a stunning promo photo, glowing up while modeling a leather khaki strapless crop top and matching skirt.

One fan complimented her by commenting on Duckie's post, "The black Kendall Jenner." Also seeing the similarities, a second fan added, "Duckie Thot and Kendall Jenner look so alike!!" A third agreed, writing, "I see a lil bit of ken*all here or am i tripping."

But Duckie didn't appreciate the comparison. Clearly fed up with the label, she replied to one of the commenters, "lol y'all need to let this comparison go."

While Duckie responded lightheartedly to the comparison, many were angered by the notion, calling for an end on it. "Nope she's just Duckie Thot We gotta stop seeing ourselves as a black version of white ppl when we good at something," one person refuted the notion. Another said, "That's not a compliment, what's wrong with you?"

Another fan thought the comparison was "disrespectful," arguing, "Do y'all ever go to Kendall Jenner's pictures and say the white Duckie Thot? Disrespectful." Someone else similarly responded to the comparison, "This is a madnessā€¦ A sicknessā€¦ What I see is a black gal being black and looking good BEING BLACK not emulating a white girl." Another added, "i can't even imagine how insulting it must be to be Duckie Thot and have people say you're the black Kendall Jenner????"

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