Kevin Hart Has No Plan for More Kids, Says His House Is Already 'Loud Enough'

The 'Fatherhood' actor insists he is 'in a good place' with his wife Eniko Hart and four children, having no desire to add a new addition to his family of six.

AceShowbiz - Kevin Hart's house is "loud enough" already for him to want more kids.

The "Fatherhood" actor - who has Heaven, 16, and Hendrix, 13, with ex-wife Torrei, and Kenzo, three, and Kaori, eight months, with spouse Eniko - thinks he has the "perfect household" with four children and confirmed he has no plans to bring any more babies into the world.

He told Entertainment Tonight, "Is the house not loud enough? I think it is, right? I think it's loud enough around here."

"It's good. We're in a good place, a family of six and a couple of dogs, it's a lot going on right now. I say that jokingly but, you know, look, if it's what the universe calls for and it's what we've decided, then it is what it is."

"We're in love with being parents, we're in love with all the little ones that we have now. I mean, we got teenagers and two toddlers, man. It's the perfect separation of age. It's the perfect household. It's everything that you would think it is plus more."

The 41-year-old star takes on a more serious role in Fatherhood, in which he plays a single dad who is coping with the sudden loss of his wife and he's proud to be depicting a Black father in a "positive light."

He said, "I'm getting to play a Black father in a positive light. And I'm not a crackhead, I'm not in jail, I'm not a dead beat. He's not a criminal. It's like a guy that's really trying to find new purpose and reason to live and value."

Kevin thinks the movie is a "celebration" of Black fathers that he hopes can help stamp out stereotypes.

The "Night School" actor added, "It's going to be a celebration, in my opinion of Black fathers, and I think fathers will be able to tag along to this celebration in general, but there is such a positive, strong impact in seeing this character be played by a man of colour and played with a narrative of good attached to it."

"Think about it, it's not something that you see often. There's a stereotypical attachment that always comes with the Black man attached as a father in film. And this is an opportunity to break that, change the narrative."

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