Jack Black Delights L.A. High School Graduates by Joining Their Photo Shoot

After agreeing to pose with the teenagers at Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, the 'School of Rock' star advises the photographer on how to take a picture so the 'sun would look good' on him.

AceShowbiz - Jack Black has raised the spirits of young graduates. During a visit to Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, the "School of Rock" star decided to delight the students by joining their graduation photoshoot after Daniel Oh, a young photographer, spotted him among the crowd.

As shared by Daniel Oh on his TikTok account @visionarydaniel, the "Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny" star was happily posing for some memorable snaps with the graduated students during the chance encounter. Aside from agreeing to join for a group photo, the 51-year-old star even shared how he wanted the photos to be taken by explaining how the "sun would look good" on his face. "Half dome me, bro. Get in tight," the actor said in the clip that was uploaded on June 3 and has gained over 3 million views.

Jack then crouched down in front of the graduates who wore their blue caps and gowns. The Tenacious D singer then posed and flashed a rock 'n' roll salute. At the time, the Hollywood actor, who is best known for excelling at comic roles, was seen wearing a T-shirt with a dog's frowning face, patterned pants, sunglasses and carrying a backpack.

Daniel himself also took to his Instagram account to post the photo result. In the photo that showed the "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle" actor taking a knee with the students, he captioned the snap, "Graduated from the 'School of Rock'," referencing Jack's 2003 musical comedy film.

"Crazy how small the world is to see Jack Black at one of my photo shoots," Daniel expressed his gratitude in his note. The 18-year-old photographer went on to point out, "Jack helped me reach millions of people with my work and I just wanna say hello to all my new followers!" He then concluded his post, writing, "Glad you followed and stay tuned for more."

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