The former Megadeth bassist has filed police report and charges against the person who leaked his sex tape that led to allegations suggesting he groomed an underage fan.

AceShowbiz - Megadeth bass player David Ellefson has officially filed charges against the person who leaked video online of his sexual interactions with a fan.

The rocker, who was recently fired by the band as the drama unfolded, has also confessed to "sexting" with a Dutch teenager, who had captured video of their encounters without his consent, according to a police report.

The clips eventually surfaced online with accusations that the bassist had been grooming an underage fan. Ellefson is now pursuing charges against the person who leaked the video online, not the teenager.

According to Rolling Stone, he has taken a polygraph test and told police officials in Scottsdale, Arizona he first met the woman at the centre of the drama when he was signing autographs at a 2019 gig in Holland.

His report suggests the pair struck up a friendship and "continued chatting through social media" before agreeing to meet in the Netherlands at a hotel lobby in February 2020.

Ellefson insists "there was no physical contact" and he and the teenager "just had a conversation."

"He stated there has never been any sexual physical contact between the two," the report continues.

They continued chatting over social media and their interactions turned sexual over the summer (20) when they each started to masturbate in front of each other using Facebook Messenger.

"He stated they had about four to five masturbating encounters," the report reads. "The last online sexual encounter was around February, 2021. (Ellefson's partner) admitted to Mr. Ellefson that she had recorded two to three videos of him masturbating without his consent or knowledge."

At that point, Ellefson reportedly told Megadeth's management the person who leaked the video had called him "a pedophile."

"He was advised by management to not do anything and sit tight because it would probably blow over,' " the report continues. "Management advised him they would have their lawyer team investigate it."

Shortly afterwards, the Instagram user posted video of Ellefson masturbating.

Meanwhile, Ellefson's Dutch friend admitted she had shared the video with some friends but had no idea how the footage was leaked.

"She was remorseful and agreed to send out a social media statement on her Instagram account that she had been a willing consenting adult during their mutual virtual sexual encounter," Ellefson's police report. She posted her statement on 10 May (21), insisting the allegations of grooming were false.

Megadeth fired the bass player four days later.

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