Ari Lennox Fusses at Being Taken to Court for Littering

Posting a picture of her court style on Instagram Story, the 'Got Me' singer shares her disbelief at having to stand trial 'for throwing away trash in a trash can at a gas station.'

AceShowbiz - Ari Lennox is apparently in trouble with the law for a petty reason. The R&B singer-songwriter has revealed on social media that she has been taken to court for littering and it's suffice to say that she's not happy about it.

On Monday, June 7, the Virgina native shared that she had to go to court for littering. Expressing her disbelief at her legal trouble, she tweeted, "Wow. I'm really on trial for throwing away trash in a trash can at a gas station."

She didn't provide more details on her court case, but the 30-year-old spared her time to respond to her fans' questions over the matter. When one commented on her tweet, "Girl, bc I guess they don't want you throwing trash in that b***h for whatever reason. Never understood but I sped off on his a**," she responded, "Lol same.. now I'm here."

Another follower was baffled as to why Ari's act was deemed illegal, asking, "Wait so we aren't supposed to put trash in the trash cans at the station???!!!?!!??!?!!?!! Help me make sense of this?? I thought they were there for that convenient reason??" To this question, the Washington-based star replied, "If they tell you not to, it's called littering or illegal dumping apparently."

Despite complaining about having to stand trial for littering, Ari still dressed up for her court appearance. Taking to her Instagram Story, she posted a picture of her wearing a sleek black dress before going to court. She also had a black bag on her shoulder and put on a pair of pointy shoes, while her hair was pulled into a high ponytail. "Court fit," she simply captioned the mirror selfie which appeared to be taken at a clothing store.

It remains to be seen if Ari is proven guilty for littering on trial and if she has to pay penalty for it.

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