Saweetie Denies Scam Accusation Over Tesla Giveaway

The 'Best Friend' raptress apparently isn't planning to let anyone run around with false accusation against her as she claps back at a former fan who accuses her of faking the giveaway.

AceShowbiz - Saweetie is speaking out after some fans accuse her of faking her Tesla Giveaway. In response to the chatters about her "using fans for streams," the "My Type" rapper made use of her Twitter account to set the record straight.

Not believing that Saweetie will give a Tesla for free, one fan wrote on the blue bird app, "So @Saweetie just used her fans for streams with the #ineedtesla giveaway that never happened and we not gonna talk about it?" Further calling out the star, the person went on to say, "I was personally a fan till I realized how fake she is."

Saweetie apparently wasn't planning to let anyone run around with false accusation against her. The ex-girlfriend of Quavo replied to the tweet, "The fake news concerns me these days..*update* the 1rst winner was underage & the replacement is unresponsive so we have to go through the process again.."

The "Best Friend" raptress added that "a true supporter knows my character &knows I don't play about my business. U were never a fan babygirl let's talk about that."

Others didn't seem to buy Saweetie's explanation. "Girl you never made no statement to say wtf Happened she gives me user vibes," one fan wrote in an Instagram comment. "How she not a fan cause you was caught lacking," someone else added.

Alluding that Saweetie was lying, a user said, "But I'm confused lol If the person who won was underage and the runner up was unresponsive why wouldn't you keep goin down the line ...? It's been mad long I remember doin that s**t myself lolz. I been got a car since then."

"Even if she underage doesn't she has a family member that can verify for her and let she get the prize," another person asked similar question. "How would anyone know the first winner picked was 'underage' and the second was 'unresponsive'? Everyday for a month she made posts on Instagram about the Tesla and not once have she mentioned the winner or the circumstances surrounding the winner," someone said, doubting Saweetie.

"It's crazy how they wait to be called out to get the story out there..... why wasn't rhis a public announcement to her fans??" another user questioned. Meanwhile, a user noted that the alleged fake giveaway isn't a new thing, saying, "She's not the first to do one of those giveaways and to be honest they come off scammy af."

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