Meghan McCain Believes Dr. Anthony Fauci Wants 'to be a Kardashian' for Posing on Magazine Covers

'The View' co-host calls out the physician-scientist while discussing his recently-revealed emails from 2020, which allegedly showed him being uncomfortable with fame.

AceShowbiz - Meghan McCain has just called out Dr. Anthony Fauci for seeking fame amid the coronavirus pandemic. Upon learning that the doctor has participated in some magazine photo shoots, "The View" co-host accused him of wanting "to be a Kardashian."

While co-hosting the Friday, June 4 episode of the ABC daytime talk show, Meghan discussed Dr. Anthony's newly-revealed emails from 2020 that allegedly showed him being uncomfortable with his newfound celebrity status. The conservative columnist, however, believed the opposite.

"I don't think people that are uncomfortable with celebrity and don't want to be celebrities pose on the cover of InStyle magazine in fashion spread, and on the cover of People magazine," the 36-year-old argued. "I'm sorry but if he just wanted to be a scientist, tart of the criticism of him going forward is that he clearly wanted to be a Kardashian as well."

Meghan went on to criticize Dr. Anthony's earlier dismissal of the lab-leak theory for the origin of COVID-19. "We have to understand where the virus originated from if we're ever going to, God forbid, face a threat like this going forward," she pointed out.

"There's a huge crisis in this country with Republicans and Democrats questioning the legitimacy of our institutions, and having a lack of faith in our government, and the medical community," the daughter of late senator John McCain added. "If there's nothing to hide, then show us the proof, and continue the investigations."

This came after some media outlets claimed Dr. Anthony didn't like the attention he received during the pandemic. One publication in particular was Forbes which stated, "Dr. Anthony Fauci was perplexed - and even disturbed - by the public fascination around him that emerged early on in the Covid-19 pandemic."

The Washington Post, meanwhile, reported that Dr. Anthony admitted to his colleague, "Hopefully, this all stops soon." He also allegedly said in the email, "It is not at all pleasant, that is for sure."

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