Hailey Bieber Shrugs Off 'Super Judgmental' Critics Who Make Her Feel Like 'a Bad Person'

When discussing backlash she receives from people in the Christian community, the wife of Justin Bieber explains that 'everybody is always going to have something to say.'

AceShowbiz - Hailey Baldwin makes it clear that she is no fan of "super judgmental" critics. Often feeling like "a bad person" after reading comments she received online from those in the Christian community, the wife of Justin Bieber shrugged off the negative critics by assuring herself that she is not a "bad example."

Sitting down with Yvonne Orji in Wednesday, June 2 episode of "A Conversation With" on her YouTube channel, the 24-year-old star revealed that the judgment she receives online from some Christians has been hard to process, with some saying she's a "bad example" for others in the community. "I've met Christian people that are just super judgmental and made me feel like I'm a bad person," she told the "Insecure" actress. She further added, "Because I don't live my life the way they think I should live my life."

The comments often made Hailey ask herself about the photos she had posted as she feared receiving further backlash. "I felt weird about posting certain photos of myself or feeling like, 'People in the church are gonna see this. Am I doing something wrong? Am I setting a bad example?' " she said. "And the reality is -- no." She then admitted, "That's something I'm really in the process of learning right now. Everybody is always going to have something to say."

The model also discussed how she tried to navigate holding onto her religious beliefs while working in the entertainment industry. She told the "Yvonne Orji: Momma, I Made It!" star, "Being in this industry and believing in what we believe in can be hard sometimes."

Elsewhere in the interview, Hailey went on to reveal that her faith is the key to her relationship with Justin. "They ask me all the time, 'What would you say is the biggest thing in your relationship? You guys are really happy.' And I'm like, 'It's our faith,' " she shared.

"It's what we believe in," Hailey elaborated further. She went on to note that her faith helped to bond her and her pop star husband, stating, "If we didn't have that, we wouldn't even be here. We wouldn't even be together."

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