Roddy Ricch's BM Denies Airing Him Out for Allegedly Having STD

The Twitter account of Allie Kay a.k.a. Allie Minati, who shares a son with the 'Rockstar' hitmaker, initially posted a message urging his exes to 'get checked' because 'he not telling ppl what he got.'

AceShowbiz - Roddy Ricch's baby mama Allie Kay a.k.a. Allie Minati denies exposing the rapper on social media. The longtime girlfriend of the Grammy Award-winning artist was initially believed to be insinuating that her baby daddy has an STD and urging his exes to "get checked" on Twitter.

"If you had any relations with @RoddyRicch pls go get checked ladies," so read a message posted on Allie's account on Wednesday, June 2. She added, "I know it's plenty of y'all out there, be safe cause he not telling ppl what he got."

In a follow-up tweet, she allegedly urged Roddy to come clean about his alleged STD. "@RoddyRicch you might as well gon head n let everybody know," the tweet read.

After shocking Roddy's fans and her followers with the tweets, Allie later came back on her page with a clarification. The 25-year-old model and fashionista claimed the tweets were not from her and that she was hacked. "I was hacked yall! All the blogs hitting me so thirsty for some fake news lol I don't got it for y'all," she said.

Some people, however, refused to believe Allie, with one confronting her, "why u lying." Another retorted, "Girl right." A third one commented, "so now everybody getting hacked back to back okayyyy," while someone else wrote, "You wasn't hacked."

Roddy and Allie have been reportedly dating for years, but they have kept their relationship private. In April 2020, it's reported that the 22-year-old emcee welcomed his first child with his girlfriend. At the time, the news broke after Allie posted a photo of Roddy holding his baby boy in his arms while looking on and smiling.

"Baby boy is Here," she wrote in the caption to announce the baby's arrival. However, the photo was quickly deleted and Allie took down her Instagram account for an unknown reason.

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