Alexis Skyy and Lira Galore Involved in Heated Argument With Akbar V at Night Club

Although Akbar threatens to attack them when they're in Atlanta later, Lira doesn't seem to be fazed by the threat as she writes on Instagram Story, 'ATLANTA my second home.'

AceShowbiz - Things almost got brutal when Alexis Skyy and Lira Galore encountered Akbar V at a night club on Sunday, May 30. While it's unknown what triggered the confrontation, a video of the night saw Akbar following Alexis and Lira who walked out of the nightclub.

Later, Alexis was heard yelling, "Akbar, what are you doing?" Not stopping there, Akbar was seen in another video being pinned against a party bus. Before they got physical with each other, people managed to get Alexis and her crew onto the bus.

Following the altercation, Akbar V made her social media account private. On Twitter, however, she offered some insights into the incident. "Please stop assuming things you see in the media........I'm not on any bulls**t. I'm literally laughing ...ion know what happened i was on casamigos.....and it's the devil."

In a separate post, the rapper continued, "Y'all always posting me on bulls**t i didn't start s**t but ain't no h** punking me on everything ion give a f**k who city I'm in ....and if I'm not good in ur city u not good in mine. Nobody safe."

In an Instagram Live session, Akbar said that one of the women complained about Akbar looking at her funny. Alexis also took to Instagram Story to share her side of the story, saying, "I have way to much going on positive in my life I , We have to pray for people like this."

"You called TC to come out to me and Lira hosting trying to prove a point in Philly ... when that's not your city. We never invited you once again & then you come starting drama for no reason you need some spiritual help & the only person that can help you is God," she added.

She went on to say, "Be blessed Akbar someone help her get her IG back." Although Akbar threatened to attack them when they're in Atlanta later, Lira didn't seem to be fazed by the threat. "ATLANTA my second home," Lira wrote on her Instagram account. "AND I BE OUTSIDE. Ima TIP TOE WHEREVER I PLEASE . A b*tch can't EVER TELL ME WHERE I CAN'T GO [crying laughing emojis] B*tch PLZ. Ion think y'all know how tf I get DOWN."

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