Notorious B.I.G.'s Gunman Wanted to Kill P. Diddy, FBI Agent Says

According to a retired FBI agent who worked the murder case, the Bad Boy Records founder was the intended target of the gunman who killed Biggie back in 1997.

AceShowbiz - Diddy was the intended hit the night Notorious B.I.G. was shot and killed, according to a retired FBI agent who worked the case.

The late rapper, real name Christopher Wallace, was killed on a Los Angeles street in March 1997, and the gunman has never been arrested, even though agent Phil Carson is convinced he knows the identity of the shooter and the man who financed the hit.

He also tells the New York Post corrupt Los Angeles cops covered up the investigation, and the rap star was not the original target, explaining Diddy was "pretty freaked out" when he was told the news.

Meanwhile, Don Sikorski and Brad Furman, the producer and director, respectively, of film "City of Lies", which takes a deep dive into the unsolved deaths of both Biggie and Tupac Shakur, have backed up Carson's claims, revealing they have read sealed court files behind Wallace's case, which suggest a Nation of Islam convert was the killer.

"There were plenty of others who helped orchestrate it (the murder)," Carson says. "It (cover-up) was the biggest miscarriage of justice in my 20-year career at the FBI. I had evidence that LAPD officers were involved and I was shut down by the LAPD and city attorneys inside Los Angeles."

Sikorski and Furman are now hoping "City of Lies", starring Johnny Depp as real-life Los Angeles police detective Russell Poole, will put the killing back into the spotlight and reinvigorate the investigation.

According to Carson, they "nailed it" in the controversial Amazon movie, which suggests rap mogul Marion 'Suge' Knight orchestrated the hit from jail, and he's speaking up now to seek the justice that eluded him while he was on the case.

"I knew one day I was going to tell the truth," he tells the Post. "What I went through at the time from the LAPD was sheer hell."

And he claims there's enough evidence to finally solve Biggie's murder.

"We demand to know the status of the ongoing investigation," Sikorski tells the publication, "as well as request that Acting U.S. Attorney Tracy Wilkison of the Central District of California, and Assistant Director Kristi Koons Johnson of the FBI Los Angeles Field Office, open an investigation, look at the evidence and file the appropriate charges."

A civil case filed against the Los Angeles Police Department by the Wallace family in 2002 contains much of the evidence about the murder but remains sealed under order of a federal judge.

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