Mandy Moore Finds COVID-19-Era Award Shows 'Kind of Ideal'

The 'This Is Us' actress shared her hope on how award shows can be moving forward after the 2021 MTV Movie and TV Awards did not keep her away from her son for more than two hours.

AceShowbiz - Mandy Moore found her first event away from her son at the MTV Movie & TV Awards easy, because they were only apart for just over an hour.

The "This Is Us" actress presented an award at the show on Sunday, May 16 and admitted she spent less than two hours at the venue.

Thanks to the streamlined, no red carpet system - put in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic - Mandy was able to rush back home to her three-month-old son, August.

"He did not tag along, but it was actually quite easy," the new mum tells PEOPLE. "Award shows nowadays look quite different, so I think I was gone for a total of an hour and a half. I left the house, I went and presented, I took a few pictures, and I got right back in the car and was home in time to feed him and put him to bed."

"That is kind of ideal. I hope that that's how award shows can be moving forward. It was perfect. I got a little dose of the outside world and real life again, but then got to go home to the most important thing."

And Mandy's in no hurry for prize-givings to return to normal, without COVID safety protocols, because she's enjoying the lack of razzamatazz.

"I prefer it this way," she says. "I showed up and I think there were two photographers. There was none of the crazy mayhem that usually awaits you at regular [red carpets]. Things are a lot more contained and feel more manageable and way less overwhelming in that sense. It feels a bit more organized."

The actress and singer also gushed about her son, whose dad is singer/songwriter Taylor Goldsmith.

"I'm just looking forward to all of the firsts that await us," she beams. "We're going to do a fair amount of traveling and taking Gus to see his dad play music for the first time, and hopefully see me play some music at some point too in the next couple [of] months."

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