Amelia Hamlin Boasts About Being Lisa Rinna's Splitting Image While Recreating Her Iconic Looks

The youngest daughter of 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star reveals that she has to buy 'one Lisa Rinna-looking wig' to 'finally resemble the absolute perfect look' of her mom's.

AceShowbiz - Amelia Hamlin has transformed herself into Lisa Rinna. When recreating many of her mother's most iconic looks, the youngest daughter of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star boasted that the two of them "are splitting images of each other."

In celebration of Mother's Day, the 19-year-old beauty decided to use her Paper Magazine feature as a tribute to her mother. Believing that she looks like the 57-year-old actress' twin, she reasoned with the publication, "I feel like people don't really realize it, but my mom and I are spitting images of each other. We look like twins, but different."

As she recreated her mother's wedding look among others, the girlfriend of Scott Disick spilled how she prepared for the photoshoot. "All I was thinking about was, 'I need to get my a** to a wig shop,' " she detailed. "The budget I spent on this was probably $200. I bought one Lisa Rinna-looking wig and then I got one long black wig and cut it and curled it."

"They were all synthetic, so it was hard but I made it work. I messed and played with it until I finally resembled the absolute perfect look of her in the Alaia dress," she continued. "I don't even know how it came together, but it did. All I did for the shoot was buy two wigs and then I went into her bathroom and stole some jewelry."

To promote her magazine feature, Amelia shared several photos from the photoshoot via her Instagram account on Monday, May 17. "Thank you @paper @askmrmickey and @justintmoran for making a dream come true," she captioned the post. "I loved getting to dress up as my mom and I'll never forget this."

Touched by Amelia's thoughtful gift, Lisa turned to her own Instagram account to show off her daughter's black-and-white portrait. "This whole shoot just blew me [email protected] surprised me for Mother’s Day with these photos, dressed in my vintage dresses from the 90’s that I keep in the garage," she wrote in the caption.

The "Melrose Place" alum, who is also mom to model Delilah Belle, continued, "The girls just decided my fashion was cool, just this year! I am so honored and blown away by these photos and thank you to @askmrmickey @paper and @amaurynessaibia."

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