Pink Embarrassed for Being 'Very Aggressive' When Running Into Steve Buscemi

The 'So What' hitmaker believes the 'Reservoir Dog' actor hated her following their awkward encounter where she claimed she made him uncomfortable with her 'very aggressive' approach.

AceShowbiz - Pop star Pink spent 20 years convinced Steve Buscemi hated her after ambushing the actor on the street in New York before she found fame.

The "So What" hitmaker, real name Alecia Moore, was so excited to cross paths with the "Reservoir Dogs" star and share how his 1992 movie character Mr. Pink partly inspired her stage name, she could tell Buscemi wasn't too amused.

"To be fair, I ran at him on a New York street," she recalled on America's "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon". "I physically - I'm like a hummingbird with my love. I'm very aggressive."

"I remember I was dressed in, like, a silver ensemble and I had short pink hair and a tongue ring and I (was like), 'You're Steve Buscemi and you're Mr. Pink and I'm Pink and you're Pink and I'm going to be so famous and I just love you (sic)!' "

"And he's like, 'What the f**k?' He was like, 'Ahhh...!' I would've reacted that way too. I was a lot."

Pink and Buscemi haven't met since, but the awkward encounter left the singer so embarrassed.

"I mean, all this time, for like 20 years, I was like, 'That guy hates me!' " she laughed.

Pink will be pleased to know Buscemi never held a grudge and instead feared he had come off as rude as he had been preoccupied at the time, preparing to meet Sir Paul McCartney.

Buscemi recounted the run-in during an early 2020 appearance on "The Tonight Show", saying, "I remember she did say her name was Pink. She said, 'I'm Pink and I have an album coming out soon.' This was like, 20 years ago."

"And she said, 'I got my name sort of because of your character in Reservoir Dogs.' And it was very flattering - this was Pink... but I didn't know who she was (back then)."

"I don't even know if I said anything to her," he confessed, admitting he was already "so anxious and nervous" in the moment.

"And later, of course, you know, I find out who Pink is and I love her," he said. "And I just always felt bad because I hope she didn't think I was being rude or was not interested."

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