Billie Piper Credits Therapy for Helping Her Heal From Traumatic Teenage Fame

The 'Honey to the B' singer pens a letter to her younger self as she reflects on her meteoric rise to fame when she was a teenager and the struggles that followed.

AceShowbiz - Billie Piper turned to therapy to cope with the "very adult" situations she found herself in as a teenage pop star.

The 38-year-old singer and actress enjoyed a meteoric rise to fame during her teens and Billie now admits she wasn't entirely prepared for everything that came her way at the time.

In The Big Issue magazine's Letter to My Younger Self, she wrote, "I was very often in strange, very adult situations that I wouldn't subject my own kids to (at the age of) 16."

"I was going through everything a teenager goes through, but very publicly. Therapy has been crucial to my getting better. If you can get your kids any sort of mental health support, get it."

Billie's relentless work ethic as a teenager ultimately led her to suffer mental health issues and she even developed an eating disorder.

The actress - mother to Winston, 12, Eugene, nine, and Tallulah, two - admitted that a number of concerns eventually took their toll on her health.

Billie - who released her debut album, "Honey to the B", in 1998 - previously shared, "I don't know anyone who worked as hard as I did at 15."

"It was a combination of burnout, the trauma of becoming really famous, being disconnected with my family, a lack of control in my life - hence the eating disorder."

Billie recalled "18-hour" working days and, on reflection, she now understands why the lifestyle damaged her mental health.

"I was a teenager and changing emotionally and psychologically so much," she said. "When I think of the life I lived as a child, with an 18-hour working day and never seeing my family, I see how it negatively impacted my life."

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