Russell Tovey Upset Thinking About Having to Leave Dogs at Home Post-COVID Lockdown

Aside from talking about going back to work, the 'Being Human' actor admits that he finally understands the feeling described in his 2006 movie 'The History Boys'.

AceShowbiz - Russell Tovey is "really upset" at the thought of going back to work and leaving his beloved dogs at home.

The "Being Human" actor's canine companions have been "in heaven" over the last year because he's been at home with them so much, and he's worried they'll be angry when he has to start going out again. He said, "For the dogs, this has been the best thing that's ever happened."

"They've had dads on tap 24/7. I'm really upset for when we do go back to work properly because the dogs are just going to be like, 'Sorry, what the f**k? I thought you were here all day long now.' They're all just lying around in the sun at the moment - they're loving it."

During lockdown, the star and his partner, Steve Brockman, took the time to re-watch his 2006 movie "The History Boys" and Russell found it a very moving experience.

Speaking to Heat magazine, he added, "I was crying my f**king eyes out. I was sobbing because there were moments where I suddenly realized, 'I get that now. I understand that feeling he's describing there.' "

"When we filmed it, I was in my early 20s and I didn't understand what the characters were talking about, but now I get it because I have been through that pain, I know what that experience is like and I understand the references. It's so multi-layered and beautiful."

"Steve was looking at me having this reaction and he was like, 'Are you alright?' But that play was such a huge moment and a huge part of my life for two years - it just all came flooding back. It's a f**king good film and watching it years later was really brilliant."

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