The former Academy Awards host is left unimpressed by this year's Oscar ceremony, claiming that the star-studded event fell flat because it lacked entertainment.

AceShowbiz - The 2021 Academy Awards fell flat because the hybrid prizegiving lacked entertainment, according to beloved Oscars host Billy Crystal.

The comedian and actor, who has fronted the show on many occasions and is most fans' favourite host, admits he was underwhelmed by last month's (Apr21) show, which took place at Union Station in Los Angeles without a host.

Billy appreciates Oscars bosses had to rethink the ceremony due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, but the event could still have had a little more showbiz razzmatazz.

Speaking on "The Jess Cagle Podcast" with Julia Cunningham, the "City Slickers" star said, "It's a weird time and, you know, one of the last times I hosted the show the economy was just in a shambles and I said, 'You know, that's what people want to see - millionaires giving each other gold statues!' It made no sense. It's a very problematic thing, especially now."

"Everything was Zoom-ed and they (2021 nominated movies) weren't audience-friendly films, in a way, but beautiful films. They needed to be celebrated more, I thought, at least show people who couldn't go out to see them or it wasn't to their liking to stream or something, you've got to give them some entertainment and there wasn't any, and that was a disappointment."

In a separate interview, Billy said he felt it was wrong to stage a celebratory event like the Oscars when so many people are sick and dying from coronavirus.

Speaking to The Washington Post newspaper, he said, "I wasn't even in the mood to celebrate anything, because people are sick. People are critically ill. People are hungry. People are broke. Do we really need to see millionaires give each other gold statues?"

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