Cara Delevingne Sells Her 'Vagina' as NFT to Remind People How 'Powerful They Are'

The Vignette Stonemoss of 'Carnival Row' reveals that her NFT will be auctioned off to 'raise money for [her] foundation - which supports women's empowerment, Covid relief, LGBTQIA+ organizations.'

AceShowbiz - Cara Delevingne has a particular reason why she is selling her "vagina" as non-fungible tokens (NFT). The Vignette Stonemoss of "Carnival Row", who has teamed up with British artist Chemical X for the NFT, divulged that she took the move to remind people of how "powerful they are."

The 28-year-old English native offered her explanation in an interview with Evening Standard. "I want this to remind people of how incredibly powerful they are, what a beautiful thing their bodies are and to take pride in that," she told the outlet.

Cara promoted her NFT, which is entitled "Mine", via Instagram on Thursday, May 13. "MINE. My first word was 'mine'. To me, that means something that is most mine, my 'vagina'. I own it. It's mine and no one else's. I choose what I do with it. And no one can take that away from me," she wrote alongside a video of her reading out the announcement while going naked.

"My collaboration with @chemical_x_lab on a one-of-a-kind NFT will be auctioned to raise money for my foundation - which supports women’s empowerment, Covid relief, LGBTQIA+ organizations, environmental causes, and fighting institutionalized racism - beginning on May 22nd," the model went on. "These NFTs are the first in the world to be minted on Bitcoin and not Ethereum, and used no new energies to create them."

Cara was not the only celebrity who sold a part of her body as NFT. In April, Emily Ratajkowski spilled that she was selling an NFT of herself standing in front of an image by artist Richard Prince. Richard himself allegedly used her and others' public Instagram posts for his 2014 "New Portraits".

Speaking of the piece, the "Gone Girl" actress told the New York Times, "As somebody who has built a career off of sharing my image, so many times - even though that's my livelihood - it's taken from me and then somebody else profits off of it."

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