Boosie Badazz Gets Mixed Reactions Over His Opinion on Plastic Surgery

The 38-year-old Baton Rouge rapper sparks chatter among his followers after he takes to his Twitter account to share his take on plastic surgery done by women.

AceShowbiz - Despite receiving backlash over his past controversial remarks, Boosie Badazz (Lil Boosie) never hesitates to speak his mind out. Taking to his Twitter account on Thursday, May 6, the Baton Rouge rapper shared his take on plastic surgery among women.

"IM TIRED OF SEEIN THIS PLASTIC SURGERY SMH," the "One of Them Days Again" spitter wrote on the blue bird app. Complaining that the procedure only made people look the same, Boosie added, "EVERYBODY BODY PARTS LOOK THE SAME Titties, a** , hips etc."

He then shared advice to women, writing, "#ladies TRY NOT TO CHANGE YOUR FACES SO MUCH N MEN MOTIVATE YOUR B***H SO SHE AINT FEELING SHE MISSING ANYTHING #isaidit."

Boosie Badazz spoke against plastic surgery

Boosie Badazz spoke against plastic surgery.

Some fans agreed with Boosie's opinion this time. "deada**. social media got girls thinking they need fat a**es and titties to be good lookin or sum smhhh," one person reacted to Boosie's tweet. "This is mostly bc of social media, men only looking at women who got a** & boobs lol s**t is sad," another person added.

Some others, however, blasted Boosie as they believed that men also contributed to the reasons why women decided to have plastic surgery. "I've seen women get talked on for the most bare minimum of things Loudly crying face. Just say you hate women dawg, it'll be easier to explain. Whether she natural or not there is always gonna be a hater in the comments, smh. She is art, don't play with her," one person said.

"But Mfs love to bash natural bodies. N***as leave they b***h cause her a** not fat enough or titties too small, a little gut , & got stretch marks," someone else echoed the sentiment.

Taking issues with Boosie referring to a woman as a "b***h," one person added, "Something about referring to a woman as a b***h that I can't take this seriously." In another comment, a user urged Boosie to just mind his business, writing, "N***a aren't you like 50? Why do you care what a woman does w her body? Aint nobody gonna stop getting botox or titty implants just cuz you find it unattractive or sum."

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