Emily Mortimer Reveals Her Battle With Social Anxiety

The 'Match Point' star says she prefers socializing by cooking for her guests to chatting with them as she opens up about her struggle with 'social anxiety.'

AceShowbiz - Emily Mortimer suffers from "social anxiety."

The actress much prefers inviting people to the home she shares with husband Alessandro Nivola and their two children, Sam, 17, and May, 11, because she gets very nervous at the thought of having to go to crowded bars or restaurants.

"I prefer having people over because I get social anxiety," she told Stella magazine. "My way of socialising is to cook - anything involving a lot of butter - so I don't have to talk very much!"

Emily's latest project is "The Pursuit of Love", which she has directed and also appears in alongside her best friend Dolly Wells - who admits the pair had little time to gossip on set.

"I had to be quite disciplined. I would have loved to be pulling her aside with, 'I just have to talk to you about something,' " Dolly laughed during the joint interview.

Instead, after a day's filming, Dolly would visit her pal at the lodge on Gloucestershire's Badminton Estate where she was staying with her family.

Emily recalled, "It was very domestic and blissful. We keep saying, 'We'll always have Badminton!' "

It was co-star Lily James - one of the few people in a cast, which also included Emily's mother and children, that the actress-turned-director hadn't worked with before - who suggested the "Match Point" star took the reins on the production, and she'll always be grateful for that support.

"It was Lily James who suggested I direct it," Emily said. "She told producers she wanted a female director and that she thought I would be good... without her doing that, I don't think anyone would have taken it at all seriously."

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