Shock G Laid to Rest After Intimate Funeral Service

Busta Rhymes, Jermaine Dupri and Cee-Lo Green as well as members of Digital Underground were on hand to pay final respects at the ceremony in Tampa, Florida.

AceShowbiz - Shock G has been laid to rest a week after his death. The Digital Underground founder was laid to rest in a private funeral in Tampa, Florida that was attended and featured appearances by his peers in hip-hop community.

The intimate ceremony took place at the Allen Temple A.M.E. Church on Saturday, May 1 and was streamed live on the church's website. Among those in attendance were Busta Rhymes, Jermaine Dupri, Cee-Lo Green, Digital Underground's founding member Ronald "Money B" Brooks, Bootsy Collins, producer Kwame, Chuck D, Yo Yo, Sway, DJ Premier, Big Daddy Kane, MC Serch and Treach of Naughty By Nature, according to WFLA.

At the funeral service, Shock G's brother Kent Racker said, "I've always felt so much love from everyone in [Digital Underground] and I know that's an extension of him. I've always felt so much love from everybody that he touched and no story is too small or too long and I would love to hear everyone, any story you have about him, they're always about love." He added, "As his brother, it's been a charmed life being a brother of Shock G. You think about what he's done for friends, I was his brother. I'm going to miss him dearly."

YoYo also paid his final respect to the late rapper, "What I'm going to miss the most about Shock.G. was talking to him. He was the type of person, he gave me his full attention when he talked to you. He always looked at you directly in the eyes and would get really close to you. He was very animated, he was very passionate. He'd put his arms around me and we’d have deep conversations. He made me feel seen and loved."

Big Daddy Kane recalled recalled touring with Digital Underground during his "Chocolate City Tour", "[They would] come around with their water guns, shooting us with super soakers and whatnot...and then on any given night you'd come downstairs around 1:00, 2:00 A.M. seeing Shock G. just sitting there at the piano in the lobby, getting it on just playing and whatnot. Man, it was beautiful times and I'm glad that I was able to have time to spend with you brother, rest well."

DJ Premier added of his late pal, "I need to say how great you are and how great you've made things for just our souls to be touched, from Digital Underground to just playing the two characters of Humpty Hump and just being Shock G. You've always been deep. I feel like I'm a deep person so I could totally relate...we're gonna miss you but we’re gonna hold it down for you. We'll see when we get there all right Shock G?"

Tom Silverman, the head of Tommy Boy Records, who signed Digital Underground to their label, went on singing praise for Shock G, "When Tommy Boy signed Digital Underground, we didn't just sign Greg Jacobs, we signed all of his multiple personalities." He continued, "He could have been a Walt Disney. He was that kind of genius. He was like the Nikola Tesla of hip hop, except that he has a great sense of humor. You never knew when he was serious and when he was joking. Even when I saw him in the casket yesterday, I fully expected him to smile and wink at me because that's the kind of thing he would do."

Public Enemy's frontman Chuck D, who appeared by video, echoed the sentiment, describing Shock G as a "musician, an artist, a humorist, a performer, a pioneering A&R agent and a bandmaker." He added, "Forever we're grateful for everything that Shock G did for the genre, as well as being somebody I considered a friend, somebody who always said he looked up to me, and I looked up to him, too."

Shock G was found dead in his hotel room in Tampa, Florida on April 22. He was 57 years old. The cause of death is not immediately known, but there were no signs of trauma. An autopsy was said to be conducted to determine the cause of death.

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