Amy Schumer's Sex Life Dies Up After She Becomes Mother

The 'Trainwreck' actress admits she struggles to make time for sex with her husband Chris Fischer after they welcomed their first child together in 2019.

AceShowbiz - Amy Schumer's sex life has dried up since she gave birth to her son.

The comedian and actress welcomed her son Gene with her husband Chris Fischer in May 2019, and has confessed she no longer has sex with Chris as often as she used to.

Amy and Chris still get intimate "every seven to 10 days" and, although they both want to do it more frequently, they never seem to make time in the day.

Speaking to Kevin Hart on his SiriusXM show "Comedy Gold Minds with Kevin Hart", she said, "We probably have sex every seven to 10 days. We do it and we go, 'God, that's so great. Like we need to do that more.' And then we don't do it again for another seven to 10 days. Wait, this happened the other day… I go, 'So you want to have sex?' And he makes this face. He goes, he kind of pictured it. And like, winced."

"He's imagining it and he made a face kind of like he ate something bad. like, 'How about tomorrow?' And I was like, 'Great. Thank you. I feel really good.' "

In a last year interview, Amy Schumer also talked about her sex life as a parent.

"We just keep it going because you have to," she said. "Otherwise, you're just like roommates and then it's weird that you're having sex."

"We go like, 'Let's have sex tomorrow or Tuesday. That'll be a good day.' And then we do it and we go, 'That's great. We should do that more,' but we still just do it once a week."

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