Lana Del Rey Clowned Over Bad Album Cover

When announcing the release date for her new album 'Blue Banisters', the 'Born to Die' singer posts the cover art that features a heavily-edited version of her previously-released selfie.

AceShowbiz - Lana Del Rey may be a great musician, but her fans are questioning her sense of graphic art. The six-time Grammy nominated artist has become the butt of a joke after unveiling the cover of her upcoming new album.

On Tuesday, April 27, the "Blue Jeans" hitmaker made use of her Instagram account to announce that her new album titled "Blue Bannisters" will be released on July 4. Along with it, she shared the cover art, which is a heavily-edited version of her selfie which she previously posted in August 2020.

The cover art features her photo with a sepia-toned filter and inelegant white frame. Her freckles are on full display and her frizzy hair stands out as the album's title is written in a curly blue font at the bottom of the image.

The apparent amateur level of the image has led people to dub it a "PicsArt cover," as Lana herself has been accused of being a PicsArt enthusiast in the past. PicsArt is a photo-editing app that is known for its amateur-friendly features, simple effects and cutesy stickers.

Due to the questionable aesthetic of the album cover, fans quickly took to Twitter to post their reactions, making the word "picsart" trending on the blue bird app. "YOU GUYS REALLY DONT LIKE THAT ALBUM LMFAO NOW PICSART IS TRENDING..," one person pointed out.

A disappointed fan admitted, "it's so tiring being a lana stan these days i cannot keep defending her. the picsart cover..." Another posted a meme of "lana del rey logging into picsart to make her new cover art."

Some even went as far as creating an online petition to "ban Lana from PicsArt." The petition creator wrote, "Lana had terrorized [us] just way too long with these edits, we need to stop her. Sign this for a future of quality album covers from Lana again."

The petition has gained over 3,000 signatures out of its goal of 5,000. One person who signed the petition wrote, "I'm signing because I'm a proud Lana stan, she is my religion, the almighty queen of cocaine and Coney island. But the cover for Blue Banisters is the ugliest thing I've seen her make."

"The Lana subreddit has better fan-made covers," another claimed. Someone else demanded that Lana remove the bad cover, writing, "Lana baby if ur reading this we love you but these god awful album covers need to cease."

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