Influencer With Down Syndrome Tapped to Grace Cover of Glamour's Newest Issue: 'I See Change'

Enya, a 26-year-old social media influencer, hopes that by being a cover star for the magazine, 'We will become standard in the fashion and beauty industry.'

AceShowbiz - Enya (II) is encouraging the world to never be afraid in chasing one's passion and being a positive influence to others. The 26-year-old influencer with Down syndrome has become the cover model for Glamour's Netherland latest issue, and with the feat, she wished to "see change."

The Netherlands native took to her Instagram account to share her excitement over landing the cover. Putting out the photo of her fronting the fashion/beauty magazine on Wednesday, April 28, she exclaimed in the caption of her post, "I must be dreaming!!"

Enya went on to pen that this was her first time serving as a cover model. "I cannot describe in words how much this means to me. My first cover, but also the first major cover in the Netherlands with someone with Down's syndrome on it," she shared.

"Thank you Glamour for this opportunity, believing in me and contributing to a more diverse / inclusive world. You are an example to many and I hope many will follow," she thanked the magazine for making the impossible possible. "Let this not be a one-off fun thing for other companies, but rather a doorway that leads to many possibilities for other brands, magazines, etc."

Enya was not only filled with happiness but also with big hopes that others who are in the same situation as hers will get similar opportunities. "I hope that we will become standard in the fashion & beauty industry," she continued. "I see change, we are only at the beginning but we are heading to the right direction. We all can make the change, we all have to contribute."

"I am grateful for the amazing days I had with the fantastic team of glamour! Big kiss, love!!" Enya concluded her message, before asking her followers to tag her when they see the magazine with her on the cover. "P.s. When you see me/the magazine, send me a DM or tag me!! I would loveeee to see!!"

Glamour's Netherland's Instagram

Glamour's Netherland shares clips on their Instagram Stories in which Enya sees the cover.

Glamour's Netherland also shared the news in their Instagram Stories in which Enya was seen unveiling a big rectangle canvas which was the replica for the latest cover. Once she saw the cover, she made little jumps as she felt excited about it.

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